Healthier Body Systems

Let's learn about all of our BODY SYSTEMS!!!

This year in our homeschooling we have three grades that are studying life science / human anatomy in some form, so I thought I would run with that theme this year and offer some supportive ideas using Young Living's products that can support each of our body's systems. 

What do we want to learn about body systems?! Who cares?! Well, we need to learn what these systems do, and educate ourselves on what can cause things to go awry, so we can choose the best products to support our bodies! 

Did you know that a body that doesn't have all the necessary nutrients CAN NOT be and stay healthy? Providing necessary nutrients is KEY to staying healthy. Did you know that if you already have a disease, illness, or *issue*, it was caused either by a deficiency of the correct nutrients, or an overabundance of toxins? Yep. So supporting the body (both with necessary nutrition AND with oils/herbs/nutrient-dense foods etc to detox) are absolutely critical steps in maintaining health in every system and organ, and keeping them strong and healthy to resist disease and illness!!

ALSO, did you know that it sometimes takes YEARS of deficiency and toxic overload before disease begins to set in? So its best not to wait until you have symptoms of illness or chronic disease to start making better choices, before feeding your body with those critical nutrients and eliminating toxins. Once disease has set in, the process of reversing it is much more difficult. 


FEED your body with core nutrition and set the stage for a healthy body 5, 10, 20, even 50 years from now!!!!!!!!

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