Dad's Favorite Recipe

Here are some simple transitional recipes Dave created at the beginning of our green smoothie journey, before we learned how to make a more balanced nutrient dense smoothie.

As our taste buds changed we were able to use more and more bitter greens in our smoothies, which helped to add variety and more nutrient density.  Then shortly afterwards we discovered GSGLife's organic, gluten, whey and soy free, super-foods and we were able to turn our green smoothies into complete healthy meals!

This process took a little over a month for our family. So be patient with yourself. It takes 21 days to develop a habit. 

For more recipes visit our Green Smoothie 30-Day Challenge page 

Dad's Favorites

Dad's Pina Colada

1 cup Coconut water
2 Tbs shredded Coconut
1 cup Spinach
1 leaf of  Kale with stem
1/2 med. Banana (frozen)
1.5 cup frozen Pineapple

For additional Protein and Nutrition:
2 Tbs Sprouted Flax
1 scoop Protein Powder of choice

  • Place all ingredients in blender and run on High speed for 60 seconds. Additional blending time is fine if frozen pineapple is not completely incorporated into the smoothie. Yields 24 oz


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